Market yard in Devarkadra in shambles, farmers harassed by wandering pigs...

Mahbubnagar: The Devarkadra market yard, which is in the proximity for the farmers of more than 10 mandals, is in a pathetic condition as the farmers, who bring in grains, agriculture products like paddy, cotton, jowar, maize, groundnut for selling to the market yard are facing tough time due to the freely roaming pigs. Moreover, as there is no compound wall for the market yard and left open from all ends, there is lot of litter gathered everywhere making the entire place unhygienic. .

It has become a big task for us to protect our produce with the unhygienic conditions and pigs freely roaming inside the yard, said Narayana, a farmer from Koilsagar, who came to Devarkadra market yard to sell his paddy. The farmers lamented that they work hard in the fields and struggle to get a good market price for their yield but again they have to struggle to protect their produce from the pigs.

The compound wall that fell down due to the recent rains hasn’t been reconstructed. As a result pigs have made the market yard their habitat and roaming helter-skelter giving tough time to the farmers. 

The farmers alleged that neither the market officials nor the leaders are heeding to their problems and there is no response despite several representations and complaints. “The problem of pigs and stray animals in this market is more. The pigs will come and take away all the grains even if we move from the stock for a single minute, said Laxman of Devarkadra. 

The farmers demanded that though the State government is implementing several welfare programmes for the famers, it turned a blind eye to construct a compound wall for Devarkadra market yard. They urged the government to take note of the issue and immediately construct a compound wall and save the farmers from the wandering pigs..

Sources : Hans India