AI can now generate fake faces...

Technology is turning the world into an illusion. The latest example is AI or artificial intelligence which is capable of generating fake faces. So imagine you are scrolling through a dating app thinking you've found 'the one', but in reality, it is only a fake face of a bot! Fortunately, the AI-generated faces have some telltale signs which you can look out for to skip getting duped. Computational artist Kyle McDonald says that there are certain tips one could follow to look for fake AI-generated faces, Quartz reports..

For instance, an AI-generated face will have some aberration or artifact, consistent with Google's DeepDream experiments. A fake face will also be asymmetrical as algorithms don't have common sense, so look out for a missing earring.

The number of teeth and orientation is also something to look out for. Lastly, strange clothing or background should also be an identifier to tell you if the one you swiped right is for real or fake.

The new threat of fake faces appears triggered by Nvidia's research paper, in which, the chip-maker detailed how it is able to generate photo-realistic images of people who never existed..

Sources : Hans India