Children abused and harrassed by mother's partner in Telangana...

A 45-year-old man who had allegedly been sexually harassing two minor daughters of his female partner for the past few months and also physically assaulting the woman when she objected him abusing her daughters, was arrested by police at Neredmet on Friday. .

Ramulu abused the girls in the absence of their mother and touched them inappropriately, said police. According to police, the woman’s husband left her around 12 years ago, after which she was residing with her daughters aged 14 and 11. Taking advantage of her situation, Ramulu trapped her in the pretext of helping her and developed a relationship with her.

He later promised that he will take care of her daughters and they can live together as one family. For the last eight years, the woman along with her daughters has been living with Ramulu in the same house. As the kids grew older, his behaviour changed towards them. Though she did not notice anything suspicious, the kids told her that he changed his clothes in front of them and also roamed naked while the kids were at house and the woman was away.

They also told their mother that he would stand naked in front of the kids and also touched them inappropriately. When she questioned him, he assaulted her severely and also prevented her from going to work..

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