Bathukamma integral to people of Telangana’...

Mahabubnagar: Health Minister Dr C Laxma Reddy said that the popular festival of Telangana, Bathukamma, was a reflection of Telangana culture and that is why for nine days women in Telangana offer prayers to nature and Gowramma by paying floral tributes. .

On Monday, women’s self-help groups in Jadcharla and Mahabubnagar celebrated Bathukamma and Peddala Amavasya at Dayananda Vidya Mandir High School, Jadcharla and government Junior College for Girls, Mahabubnagar, where Laxma Reddy’s wife Dr Swetha Laxma Reddy was invited to be the chief guest. The two events were organised by Arya Samaj, International Vysya Federation Telangana and AP Mahila Vibhagam.

Dr Swetha Laxma Reddy played Bathukamma along with other women. She said that Bathukamma was a festival which has been playing a key role in the lives of the rural folk since time immemorial, and talked about the various features of the festival.

She added that floating the Bathukammas in water bodies purifies the water, as is proven by science. She said that the festival, which is related to nature, science and human relations, has always been an integral part of the lives of the people of Telangana.

Even during the Telangana movement, the festival had played a key role in mobilising and inspiring women to join the movement, she said. She reminded the women that it was only after the formation of Telangana State that the festival became official, by distributing sarees to women and celebrating it in a big way.

She said that some political parties were facing the wrath of Telangana women by not letting the government distribute Bathukamma sarees this year. “The women of Telangana, who have the power of Goddess Durga, had revolted against the atrocities of the Nizam and had played an active role in the Telangana movement. The credit for various schemes for the welfare of women and the girl child could only go to Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao,” she added.

She appealed the Telangana women to support TRS, as Telangana was the only State in the country to launch so many welfare schemes for women..

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