All India Mahila Empowerment party founded by a Social Activist, Business Women Dr.. Nowhera Shaik which aims to bring change in women and political arena, has decided to contest forthcoming Assembly elections in Telangana with an agenda to empower women educationally and economically. .

She further said that her party aims to end caste based, religion base and community based politics. she wanted to allow all communities into real politics to allow the women in more number into politics, she wanted to all the under privileged sections into politics and to bring back the legacy of Indian heritage and integration. She said that the Bill pertaining to 30 per cent reservation to women is pending since decades can be achieved only if the women unitedly raise their voice.

Dr. Nowhera Shaik who claims to be a good orator and very clear on what she speaks, along with the hundreds of her followers at Somajiguda Press Club said that her party which has been formed just before Assembly elections in Karnataka got good support from the people, though they have not won any seat, but they are satisfied with the votes they got, in Telangana state they are contesting for the 2nd time, there main aim to see that women get justice, though they are talking on women empowerment, it does not mean that only women candidates will be there, men candidates also also contest on behalf of her party as men see the women in the form of mother, sister, daughter and they protect them.

She said that in various parts of the country, harassment, rapes and injustice is being done on women, it would be the responsibility of every one to protest against these attrocities on women by following the law of the land. She appeals to the leaders of all the existing political parties, professional, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, social activist, all NGOs leaders of Telangana movement, student leaders to join her party and works for the growth of the society..

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