ShareChat launches new features...

ShareChat, India’s #1 regional social media platform announced the launch of three new features — ‘Create your own stickers’, ‘Repost’, and ‘Post search’, offering a great user experience through its intuitive user interface, catering to over 35 million users across 14 Indian languages. These newly added features are aimed at making content consumption easier on the platform while making the platform fun and more interactive for all users..

‘Create your own stickers’ feature will help users to create their own stickers by tapping the ‘stickers’ icon that appears at the upper right of any post on the ShareChat app.

Users can also customise the sticker by applying unique frames available on the app.

The sticker then will get saved in the sticker pack on the user’s device, and from there the sticker becomes shareable on Whatsapp.

With ‘Repost’ ShareChat users can now re-share the post on their account by tapping the ‘repost’ icon that appears at the bottom of any post.

And ‘Post Search’ feature aims to help the user search for posts on their account faster and more efficiently..

Sources : Telangana Today