More problems for Telugu students in US...

Hyderabad: More trouble is brewing for students, especially Telugus, who are overstaying in the United States as they are likely to be sent back to their homeland soon. Ever since ‘Accrual of Unlawful Presence and F, J and M non-immigrants’, a policy of the US government, came into effect from August 9, 2018, students who are overstaying stand the chance of being deported after a maximum grace time of 180 days. This time limit ends on February 5..

According to the policy, accrual of unlawful presence begins if F visa (student), J visa (for researcher scholars and professors and student exchange programme students) and M Visa (for vocational schools) holders continue to stay after completion of their study or programme, including any authorized training plus grace period.

As per calculations of the Department of Homeland Security for the financial year 2017, a total of 1,662,369 candidates admitted in F, J and M non-immigrant status were expected to either change their visa status or leave the United States.

However, an estimated overstay rate 4.07 per cent was recorded for F non-immigrants, 4.17 per cent for J non-immigrants and 9.54 per cent for M non-immigrants, which was higher than those for other non-immigrant categories.

“A maximum of 180 days will be given for overstaying candidates to leave the country. When that time ends on February 5, those students who do not have proper visa status will be sent back to their country and mostly Telugus will get affected with this,” an US education expert said.

Another issue that is also brewing is students getting admission into universities for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) from day one so as to work, which is illegal. Universities particularly in Kentucky and Pennsylvania reportedly admitted nearly 10,000 students, especially from the two Telugu speaking states for CPT. US authorities are now planning a crackdown on these universities..

Sources : Telangana Today