Exhibition society chalks out precautionary steps...

Hyderabad: In its attempt to take corrective measures following the fire accident, the Exhibition Society has chalked out several precautionary steps including making insurance mandatory, installation of fire fighting equipment in the stalls, a comprehensive fire fighting system covering entire grounds and proper layout of the stalls etc. Though it is mandatory for the stall owners to get their stalls insured, the majority of them do not follow the rules..

But from now on it will be made mandatory and the Exhibition Society will also pitch in with some assistance as a rebate in the insurance premium, said Exhibition Society president E Rajender.

Installation of fire extinguishers will also be made compulsory in the stalls as a means to douse the flames during fire mishaps. This apart, a comprehensive fire fighting system covering the entire Numaish area will also be planned.

At present, two fire tenders were deployed at the grounds and there is a need to deploy a couple of more to effectively handle the firefighting operation.

In addition to this, installation of sensor-based water sprinkling system, which will cover the entire Numaish, will also be explored.

This will be on par with the ones installed in manufacturing units and other public places, he explained.

Further, an expert agency will be roped in to finalise the stalls layout. At present, 2,500 stalls are set up in the Numaish and the agency will analyse and prescribe guidelines on the space to be left open between the stalls, how many stalls to be set up and others, he said.

“There are plans to modernise the entire set up with sufficient open space and more facilities with special focus on safety and security of the visitors and the stall owners,” said Rajender.

No technical glitches: Etela
Exhibition Society president E Rajender downplayed allegations of technical glitches, including jamming of valves and inadequate water in fire tenders and said the fire department is a professional organisation. All the valves, spares and the water levels are checked on a daily basis, he asserted..

Sources : Telangana Today