Its Lambada women all the way in this Panchayat...

Sangareddy: “If women governed the entire world, it is my theory that soon we would have world peace and healing of the entire planet,” Leland Lewis, British Author and Public Servant said. It appears that a tiny tribal tanda in a remote area in Sangareddy district was determined to make his words come true by handing over all the powers of their village to women. Sheri Thanda, which falls under Narayanakhed mandal, showed the way for women empowerment by electing tribal women from all the eight wards and sarpanch. It is the only panchayat in the entire State to have 100 per cent tribal women at the helm of affairs. Speaking to Telangana Today, Samkabai Keluth (35), the first and newly elected Sarpanch, has said that men go to other places to earn the livelihood quite frequently. Since the women stay back at home to look after the families, Samkabai, who studied 7th class, has said the entire village has resolved to only elect women to Panchayat so that they would better look after the village too..

The Tanda, which was made a Panchayat by Telangana government this year, is having eight wards and one sarpanch post. While the sarpanch and five out of eight wards were reserved for women, the rest three were general wards. However, the entire Tanda has resolved to elect only women from these three wards too. Out of eight wards, five were elected unanimously and the election was held for three wards and Sarpanch post. Even the candidates those who had lost the election in 4th, 5th and 6th wards were also women.

Samkabai Keluth, who had the support of the ruling TRS support, defeated her nearest rival Devosh Sangeetha Devi with a margin of 60 votes. While the winner was polled 182 wards and Sangeetha had managed to get 122 votes. Keluth Mukthabai, who was elected from the sixth ward, was made vice-sarpanch.

Interestingly, except the sarpanch, none of the ward members and vice-sarpanch can read and write Telugu. Chandrakala (a ward member), who was born and brought up in Maharashtra and married to a youth in the village, can read and write Marathi but not Telugu.

Samkabai said that they used to struggle even for potable water five years ago, but they have been getting drinking water under Mission Bhagiratha now. Since Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao had initiated a slew of measures to improve the basic facilities in Narayanakhed area, she hoped to put similar effort further in her village during the next fivers. Samkabai has said that they wanted to invite Chief Minister to their village to have a glimpse of tribal life in backwarded Narayanakhed area.

Apart from another village, Narsapur in Narayanakhed Mandal has also elected100 per cent women to Panchayat, but they are not tribals..

Sources : Telangana Today