Focus on India’s borders, not polling booths, Owaisi tells Modi...

Hyderabad: Asaduddin Owaisi, MP and president of AIMIM, on Saturday said instead of focusing of working towards “secure polling booths” for the BJP, Prime Minister Narendra Modi should first work towards securing the nation’s borders. Addressing the 61st Foundation Day of the party at Darussalam, the AIMIM headquarters here in the city, Owaisi took a dig at Modi’s recent call to BJP workers to make “mera booth sabse mazboot.” He said: “If BJP says ‘mera booth sabse mazboot’, Asaduddin Owaisi says ‘mera sarhad mazboot to mera desh mazboot’.” It appears that as long as “his polling booths are strong, he does not care about whether the country is strong or not,” Owaisi added, referring to the Prime Minister’s comment..

“If you strengthen our borders, the country will become strong and so will the polling booths,” he added.

Owaisi, also took aim at Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for the latter’s veiled reference and threats to India that his country possessed nuclear weapons. “If they have them, don’t we have them too?” Instead of ratcheting up the rhetoric, Imran Khan should control Jaish-e-‘Shaiyateen (devils)’ and Lashkar-e-Shaiyateen,” he said.

Owaisi said Imran Khan is wildly mistaken if he believes that people of India will fall for his words. “Indians are knowledgeable. They may be poor but they are knowledgeable and fully capable of making informed decisions,” Owaisi said.

The AIMIM president also called on people to ensure victory of TRS-AIMIM in Telangana and YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The goal of the people of Telangana should be to win 17 Lok Sabha seats for TRS and AIMIM and for people of AP, it should be to send 20 YSRCP members to the Lok Sabha. When the people do this, it will be their victory, not the victories of political parties as their voices will be heard loud and clear and strongly at the Centre, he said..

Sources : Telangana Today