Telangana: Suspected serial killer’s house set on fire in Bhongir...

Yadadri-Bhongir: The house of serial murders case accused, Marri Srinivas Reddy at Hajipur in Bommalaramaram mandal came under the attack of an irate mob which set it on fire. The enraged villagers attacked the house of Srinivas Reddy with stones and iron rods and damaged the structures partially . They also set fire to the house reducing furniture to ashes. The villagers did not allow the policemen and media persons into the village. The villagers targeted two houses including a newly constructed one. The police who managed to reach the place with difficulty succeeded in pacifying villagers by assuring stringent action against the accused in the case..

On the other hand, the villagers sat in dharna near Grama Panchayat office demanding Rs 50 lakhs ex-gratia and a job to the family members of the victims of serial murders.

According to the protesters, the parents of the accused Balredy and Anasuya fled the village around 3 pm on Monday. The villagers came to a conclusion that Srinivas Reddy was behind the serial killings after his parents left the villages.

Srinivas Reddy was younger son of Bal Reddy, who was a farmer and earlier worked as Lift mechanic in a firm for some time. Balreddy sold one acre of land a year ago and used the money for constructing a new house. He performed the house warming ceremony on the day of Ugadi festival this year. Since then, Srinivas Reddy, who attended the ceremoney, was staying with his parents in the village.

Speaking to Telangana Today, a neighbour of Srinivas Reddy, Ramidi Hanuma Reddy said that Srinivas Reddy was reserved persons and never talked to neighbors. During his stay in the village, the youth generally left the village on bike in the morning and return late in the night night. Srinivas Reddy managed to escape from the village the day the police exhumed body of of the victim from dried up open well. His father however maintained that Srinivas Reddy was back to his work and he had nothing to do with the incident.

Another villager Dasarai Chandra Reddy said that the family of Srinivas Reddy had migrated to Hajipur from Janjireddygudem in the mandal few years ago.

Bal reddy has two sons and one daughter. Srinivas Reddy, who was unmarried, was younger son of Bal Reddy..

Sources : Telangana Today