Sports enthusiasts stage protest at Hyderabad’s LB Stadium...

Hyderabad: A handful of athletes, coaches and a few sports enthusiasts gathered in front of the Lal Bahadur Stadium on Monday morning to stage a protest against giving the iconic stadium to private functions..

The protesters alleged that LB Stadium, one of the iconic sports venues of the city, has been misused for non-sporting activity. They felt that stadium is being allotted to private functions and political meetings. These non-sporting activities have been disrupting the athletes preparations at the stadium.

On Monday, G Shanker Yadav, Corporator, Begum Bazar, too joined the protests demanding to save the stadium. “This stadium is built in the middle of the city and many athletes, cricketers grew up here before representing the country. But now it is in dire state. That is because the government is giving the stadium to private functions. They are conducting all sorts of events other than sports despite having NTR Stadium, Nizam College and Public Gardens. This is very sad.

“The athletes who are training in Indoor Stadium, wrestling hall, Gymnastic hall are suffering because of this. The EVM are stored here and police using it to camp their forces for 45 days, hampering the training,” said Shanker Yadav.

However, stadium officials insisted that they are giving out the Stadium on government orders. “The stadium is in good condition. We are giving it to non-sporting events on the orders of government. But we are taking care of the stadium,” said Harinath, the Stadium administrator..

Sources : Telangana Today