KCR seeks public participation to end corruption, ensuring transparency...

Hyderabad: Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao vowed to establish highest standards by putting end corruption and ensure transparent administration, in his second term in the office. He gave a clarion call to people of Telangana State for large scale participation for successful implementation of the new legislations of Panchayat Raj, Municipal and Revenue Acts to bring institutional changes for good governance..

The Chief Minister hoisted the national flag during the Telangana State Formation Day celebrations at Public Gardens on Sunday. Earlier, he paid floral tributes to Telangana martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the cause of seperate statehood, at the Martyrs Memorial opposite the State Assembly.

Delivering his speech after hoisting the national flag, the Chief Minister said people of Telangana have been highly conscious to reach and achieve societal goals. He stated that people of Telangana achieved successful results by fighting with unity and created a new chapter in the history of the country through their separate statehood movement. “With such an illustrious background of achieving our goals, for us, it is not at all a difficult task, to achieve the required changes for good governance. All we need is the power of determination and emphasis on coordination,” he said.

Chandrashekhar Rao emphasised the need for bringing changes in the institutions and the legislations as per changing times and situations, failing which the society lags far behind in development. He expressed displeasure over following age-old concepts and notions, despite transformation of jobs and functioning of different departments like Panchayat Raj, Municipal and Revenue which created gaping loopholes.

“Loopholes in the Revenue Act formulated during the feudal times gave scope for corruption. During cleansing and rectification of land records, all these loopholes, became hurdles to the government in its efforts,” the Chief Minister said. He added formulation of the new Revenue Act plugging the loopholes will ensure that woes of land owners will be put to an end.

Chandrashekhar Rao sought extensive participation of people in implementing the new laws to make it a reality and success to drive away corruption from the departments of Revenue, Municipal and Panchayat Raj which have daily connection with people’s lives. He also listed out various achievements of the State government since the formation of Telangana State. He recalled the struggles from the initial stages after the State formation and efforts of the Telangana government to emerge as a role model for others in implementation of various welfare schemes like Rythu Bandhu.

On the occasion, the Chief Minister announced enhancement of financial assistance under Rythu Bandhu scheme from Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 commencing from this Yasangi season for farmers. He also announced hiking the Aasara pensions from Rs 1,000 to Rs 2,016 for all categories and Rs 1,500 to Rs 3,016 for differently abled persons commencing from this month which will be deposited in the bank accounts from July onwards..

Sources : Telangana Today