Mid-Manair set to get Godavari water...

Hyderabad: Irrigation Department officials began making preparations to bring on line more Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Scheme (KLIS) components, which is expected to result in water from Godavari river being pumped into the SRSP Flood Flow canal, marking the important milestone of water reaching the Mid-Manair reservoir..

As part of this effort, the officials, on Monday, began releasing water into the surge pool of the Nandi Medaram pumphouse from Yellampalli reservoir. The water level in this surge pool is expected to reach pumpable levels sometime on Tuesday. The pumphouse is expected to go into operation soon after.

The Nandi Medaram pumphouse, which has six pumps of 125MW capacity each, is located 3.680 km away from the reservoir and water was being let out through an access channel and a gravity canal into the surge pool.
7 massive pumps

Once the pumping begins here, water will flow into the Medaram tank and then from there will flow further down a distance of 6.083 km, first through a short access channel and then through twin pipelines to the Lakshmipur pumphouse in Ramadugu mandal of Karimnagar district. The Lakshmipur pumphouse has seven pumps, each with a massive 139MW capacity. Five of these pumps have already undergone dry runs and their wet runs will begin in about three or four days when water reaches this particular facility.

Once the Lakshmipur pumphouse begins functioning, it is but another short run of 5.750 km for the water through a gravity canal before it is emptied into the SRSP Flood Flow Canal to make its way to the Mid-Manair reservoir.

This entire exercise, from starting of pumping from Nandi Medaram pumphouse to water arriving in Mid-Manair, is expected to take between a week to 10 days.

The KLIS stretch from Yellampalli reservoir upto Mid-Manair constitutes Link II of the Kaleshwaram project. The efficacy of Link I of the project, lifting water from Medigadda reservoir up to Yellampalli via Annaram and Sundilla barrages has already been demonstrated with the Irrigation Department successfully pumping water from Medigadda, all the way back up the course of the Godavari river pushing the water against gravity..

Sources : Telangana Today