2.35 lakh tons of urea distributed across Telangana...

Hyderabad: The Minister for Agriculture S Niranjan Reddy said on Thursday that over 2.35 lakh tons of urea was distributed in the State so far this season (June, July and August) as against one lakh ton during the corresponding period last year..

Another 20,000 tons of urea is readily available with Markfed. The State officials are working in coordination with the officials of the Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers to ensure adequate supply of fertiliser to meet the demand for the current month as well as rest of season, he added.

The Minister, who had a review on the fertiliser supplies for the Kharif with the Principal Secretary, Agriculture C Parthasarathi and Commissioner for Agriculture Rahul Bojja and officials of the departments concerned, said that fertiliser supply status in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka States was reviewed by the officials concerned at the Centre also in the day and the three states were assured adequate and timely supplies.

So far as the urea requirement in the state for September was concerned, all out efforts were being made to ensure timely supply. The requirement till September 12 was estimated to be about 48,000 metric tons. But the stocks positioned to meet the demand till September 12 were in the order of 60,000 mts. The State had placed its indent on August 19 to meet September demand. The Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao was also closely monitoring the supplies from the various sources.

He said that media reports on urea scarcity would only trigger panic buying. Farmers may even resort to buying urea not only for Kharif use but even for Yesangi, which will not auger well for the peasant community. Admitting that there was some delay in the supplies, he said neither the State nor the Centre need to be blamed for this.

Ever since the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system was introduced, major companies were not maintaining buffer stocks. They get what is due to them from the government only after the farmers make payments on the point of sale (POS) machines for the stock they purchase.

Secondly, fertiliser supplies from the north were impacted due to heavy rains and floods in Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Third most important reason was the closure of urea production unit of a private company in Kakinada. Making up for the shortfall, the Centre had allotted urea for stocks from its imports. But there was some two weeks delay in the arrival of the vessels.

On the death of a farmer due to heart attack in Dubbaka, the Minister said it had nothing to do with the urea supply issue. The farmer had complained of heart related issues previously. He sought to visit the doctor in the day for diagnosis, but instead of going to hospital he joined the queue line for urea. It is unfortunate incident, he said.

Refusing to react on the criticism leveled against the government by the opposition parties on the urea short supply, he said this is time for all to come forward to support the farmers..

Sources : Telangana Today