Woman delivers baby in ambulance in Hyderabad...

Hyderabad: The emergency medical staff of 108 ambulance services on Thursday night helped a 23-year-old woman deliver a baby boy in the emergency vehicle at Nalgonda cross roads, Malakpet. The ambulance staff had to conduct the delivery at around 9.30 pm on the busy Malakpet stretch, which led to a huge traffic gridlock..

The condition of the woman and the infant is said to be stable and they were shifted to the nearby Government Hospital in King Koti. According to reports, the couple Ravi and Giri are native of Mahabubnagar and were residing in Badangpet.

“Our emergency staff did not have enough time to transport the pregnant women to nearby maternity hospital. The 108 vehicle had to be stopped at Nalgonda cross roads. We had trained professionals who helped the woman deliver the baby. Though caused traffic jam, the women and infants are safe,” 108 Supervisor, Goverdhan said.

The Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Srisailam and pilot of the vehicle, Saradhi provided much-needed support to the women to deliver the infant safely..

Sources : Telangana Today