Priyanka Reddy murder: Accused returned to check if body was burnt...

Hyderabad: The four accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering Priyanka Reddy had returned to the culvert to check whether the body was completely burnt or not..

The four, Mohammed Arif, Shiva, Naveen and Chennakeshavulu, had doused the body with fuel and set it on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence.

After setting the body on fire under the culvert at Chatanpally in Shadnagar between 2 am and 2.30 am, the gang left the crime spot in the truck and on the scooter. However, while Arif and Chennakeshavulu went away, Shiva and Naveen, who were on the scooter, returned to the spot a little later to check if the body was completely burnt. “They came to the spot to check if the body was burnt beyond recognition. They then rode the scooter and abandoned it at Kothur, about 11 kilometres from the culvert,” said V C Sajjanar, Police Commissioner, Cyberabad.

The four then went in the truck to Aramghar crossroads. From there, while Shiva, Naveen and Chennakeshavulu left for their homes, Arif went to unload the truck in the city.

Sajjanar repeatedly requested the citizens, especially women, children and the elderly, to make use of the ‘Dial 100’ facility during emergencies. He said whenever there was a vehicle breakdown too, the public could seek police help by contacting the Cyberabad Police Control Room on 9490617100, on the HawkEye mobile app and also the She Team on 9490617444.
‘Punish my son if found guilty’

Narayanpet: The father of the prime suspect in the brutal murder of Priyanka Reddy said that his son should be punished if found guilty.

Stating that they were completely aware that their son had a criminal nature, the parents of the suspect told the media on Friday that he had returned home around 1 am on Friday, saying he had met with an accident involving a scooter, after which he went to sleep. By 3 am, police were knocking at their door and took him into custody. The parents were shocked since they did not know anything about what their son had done, his mother said.

The mother also said that the other three suspects, who were residents of the neighbouring village, used to come to their house when their son was at home.

His father meanwhile said he had believed that his son was a normal person, “a good man” and that if what he has done was true, this would be the first time that he has committed a crime. “If found guilty, action should be initiated against him,” he said.
Hyderabad CP clarifies on reports

Hyderabad Police Commissioner Anjani Kumar clarified that the gruesome murder of veterinary assistant surgeon Priyanka Reddy occurred in Shadnagar of Rangareddy District and not in Hyderabad.

In a statement, the Commissioner said, “The gruesome incident as reported in some sections of electronic media and press, was not in Hyderabad but in Ranga Reddy district instead.”

“Certainly a bad incident and it makes our resolve stronger to fight crime and criminals,” he said, calling on the public to help the police in the efforts to prevent such crimes and also to use the Dial 100 facility for any emergency.
Twitterati slam actress for communal rant

Bigg Boss fame actor Payal Rohatgi, who has been called out on social media for communal rants several times earlier, was again slammed by Twitterati on Friday when she attempted to give a communal twist to the brutal murder of Priyanka Reddy in Shadnagar.

Rohatgi, who was blocked by even the Mumbai Police on Twitter in July, attempted to give a communal colour to the murder of Priyanka by tweeting that the veterinary assistant surgeon was “raped and murdered by rapists in Shadnagar of Hyderabad”, and by asking whether “Shadnagar was a Muslim majority area”. This was when the police were yet to confirm the rape angle and also before the names of the suspects were announced officially.

Twitterati, enraged over the callous attempt to spread hatred, not only replied to her, asking her how low she could stoop, but also reported her on Twitter. Many tagged her malicious tweets and reported to her to different police handles, including those of the Telangana DGP and the Hyderabad City Police.
Awreness on Dial 100 needs to be created: Mahmood Ali

After his statement that the incident could have been averted if Priyanka Reddy had dialed 100 instead of calling her sister became a controversy, Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali has clarified that Priyanka was like his daughter and that he was not blaming her.

The incident could have been prevented if she had dialed 100 instead of her sister after she felt she was in an unsafe environment, he had said after consoling her family members at her residence in Shamshabad here.

The Minister said the Dial 100 was a facility on which awareness had to be created, and appealed to people to dial 100 if they were in distress.

Before Ali’s visit, Education Minister P Sabitha Indra Reddy and Animal Husbandry Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav met Priyanka’s family and consoled them. Mild tension prevailed when colony residents squatted on the road and tried to obstruct the convoy of Scheduled Tribes Welfare and Women Development Minister Satyavathi Rathod, who came to Priyanka’s house.

The residents demanded stringent action against those who were involved in the crime..

Sources : Telangana Today