Telangana: TSRTC fares to go up from Monday midnight...

Hyderabad: With the revision of ticket fares by Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC), the minimum fare in city ordinary bus has been hiked from Rs.5 to Rs.10..

According to officials, the maximum fare, which used to be Rs.30 in city and metro express buses has been revised to Rs.35 while minimum and maximum fares in metro deluxe buses are fixed at Rs.15 and Rs.45 respectively.

To avoid change problem with passengers and conductors, the minimum fare in Pallevelugu services are revised from Rs.6 to Rs.10 and the maximum fare has been hiked from Rs.73 to Rs.100.

This apart, fares have also been revised in bus services such as Deluxe, Express, Super Luxury, Garuda, Rajadhani, Vajra and Vennela.

All the proposed fares in RTC buses will be effective from Monday midnight while the night-out and long distance bus services, which start before 12 am today would allow passengers with old fares..

Sources : Telangana Today