Hyderabad metro passengers can now stream on the go...

Hyderabad: Metro Rail passengers can now watch their favorite movies and listen to music of their choice at the click of a button on their mobiles with Hyderabad Metro in association with SugarBox launching a seamless access to the app..

The service comes free of charges and users do not have to depend on mobile data as it works on local Wifi network. SugarBox zones have been set up in all trains and 10 major Metro stations.

Users as of now can access content on the Zee5 or the FreePlay app on both Android and iOS.

HMRL Managing Director, NVS Reddy said commuters generally spend about 35 to 40 minutes on trains and this service provides them entertainment.

On the launch of commercial operations on JBS-MGBS route, he said efforts were being made to commence operations by January. Presently, four lakh passengers are traveling in Metro services..

Sources : Telangana Today