Nalgonda: Intermediate student washed away in SLBC canal...

Nalgonda: An intermediate student, who was celebrating his birthday got washed away in SLBC canal at Arjalabavi village in Nalgonda district on Sunday. A first year student of Gowtham Junior College, Sk Khaja Baba (15) got washed away in SLBC canal when he went to the canal for a bath along with his brother and three friends..

According to Nalgonda town-II police, Khaja Baba was the son of Jhani Pasha, resident of Hanuman Nagar in Nalgonda town. Along with his brother Sk Vali and three friends Dheeraj, Praveen and Naveen, the victim went to SLBC canal at Arjalabavi for swimming as Sunday was holiday for their college.

His friends Dheeraj, Praveen and Naveen were also intermediate students and neighbors of the victim. Among the five students, only Praveen and Naveen were familiar with swimming skills. When they went into the canal, Sk Khaja Baba got swept away in the canal due to flow of the water.

Eye witness Naveen told that Khaja Baba, Vali and Dheeraj jumped into the waters when they went to the canal for bath. On receiving the information about the incident, Nalgonda town-II police rushed to the place and taken up searching for Khaja Baba in the canal..

Sources : Telangana Today