Sharp hike in liquor prices in Telangana ahead of New Year...

Hyderabad: In a bit of depressing news for tipplers in Telangana ahead of the New Year, the State government has increased the prices of liquor by at least 20 per cent..

The revised rates will come into effect from Monday. The government has permitted the Telangana State Beverages Corporation Limited, which supplies liquor to all liquor depots from where wine shop owners buy the stock, to enhance the MRPs of the existing stocks of Indian Made Foreign Liquor (IMFL) and beer brands.

The stocks held by the IMFL depots as on December 16, including the waiting trucks before the depots and stock dispatched prior to December 16 and reaching the depots on or after December 16, will have to be sold at revised rates..

Sources : Telangana Today